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An instigative brand consultancy

Partnering brands in solving various conundrums of human behavior for mutual profitability

Sustainable strategies,
ergo successful brands

Helping brands discover their purpose
and staying sustainable

Positive and lasting impact

Purposeful behavior change, endows brands with great social capital

How we help your business

Discover brand purpose
and brand strategy

The process of developing a compelling strategy for a brand, always begins with finding a compelling purpose for the brand’s existence. We take our convictions to fanatical extremes to help brands and brand custodians identify, articulate, live, and perfect their ‘Purpose’, without ever compromising on profitability and sustainability. It is only after this purpose is crafted that we use it as a beacon to guide the rest of the strategy. The idea is to be truly purposive and help people.

Create brand identity
and architecture

Brand identity (name, logo, personality, tonality), and architecture dictate more than just the visual language. They emerge from and give rise to the brand’s business intent as well. They, therefore, need to be constructed from the brand’s inherent strategic need that enables entry into another segment, helps unlock a new economic opportunity, helps create a brand ladder and helps unify and upgrade the brand.

Brand architecture & identity need to come from the brands vision & purpose, future business plans. They also need to enable a brand to re-craft its image to either accom- modate current or future extensions or enable the brand to enter another economic segment or category which it otherwise cannot.


Purpose-led brand experience is the process of making a brand act on its promise while enabling the people to experience the purpose along various touch-points for the brand. It, therefore, demands that the brand practices what it preaches. The pillars of purpose-led experience innovation – purpose-led platform, purpose-led annual marketing calendar, purpose-led acts.

Whatever be your business goals, we can partner with you in each one of them and help you succeed!

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