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Campaign of the Month: Truebil (#PapaKiPriority)

How do you make your brand relevant when it is a very transactional, used only once-in-a-few-years kind of a brand? Truebil, a used cars marketplace faced this exact challenge. The need for selling your car or buying a used car comes in your life once in a few years. When the competition is very high with players like Cars24 and Gaadi Dekho already in the market, it was essential that the brand built an emotional connect with the audience. Father’s Day gave them the right opportunity, making it our campaign of the month

Truebil's father's day campaign



Using the insight that men treat their cars like their own children, they personified the car to play the role of an elder, favourite son of the father. While the elder son is established through a voice over and nothing more, it’s a pleasant surprise to see the car in the end. The narrative speaks about the smaller moments where men show how much they love their cars like being happy while seeing the photo of the car or giving a ‘spa-treatment’ every time the car was dirty. In a market that has been talking only transactional, like the amount of time it takes to sell the car, getting the best price for used cars, ensuring the transfer of name is quick and easy, Truebil manages to put a smile on our faces. 

Campaign Take-Aways:

  • It’s easy to build an emotional connect when you draw into human insights
  • The brand does not need to always mention what it does, in order to get noticed
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Dissecting Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Mother’s Day Campaign

This month saw all emotional campaigns for Mother’s Day. Everyone talking about how a mother goes beyond her own needs and how we need to thank her. Sunfeast took a slightly different route. It spoke about those who play the maternal role when our own mothers are far away.

One can see the journey of a boy who goes to live in a hostel and how “amma” at a tea stall looks out for him during his college years. A neatly scripted video heightens the emotions and everyone who has lived away from home can relate to the story.

Sunfeast on mother's day

Sunfeast takes a different route this mother’s day


Key Take Away:

  • With more and more people living away from home, there’s a natural decline in the social capital. In the absence of ‘blood-related’ ties, there are many proxy relationships that come up and help us fill that void. This insight has simply but poignantly been leveraged in this ad.
  • Since most marketers naturally talk about celebrating the mother on mother’s day, it is difficult to break messaging clutter. Sunfeast, by taking a different cut of the same emotion, has successfully created a memorable and clutter-breaking film.
  • The role of product in the story has also not been ignored. Subtle product placements ensure that the story is the hero and the product plays a supporting yet important role
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Campaign of the Month (Ramadan Special) – Surf Excel, Pakistan – Issar Ki Ibadat

Daag achche hai!

The brand purpose ‘Dirt is Good’ is wonderfully expressed through the selfless aspect of Ramadan with message ‘If putting others before yourself gets you dirty then dirt is good’. Beautifully brought alive with an innocent kid sharing his prayer blessings with his friend, who probably needs it more than him.

What does this mean for marketers?

It has become a tradition for brands across the globe to create heart-warming campaign with positive social message during festivals. If brands can marry the core values of the festival with its brand purpose, the festive campaign in itself can serve brand a huge opportunity to convey its brand purpose, stand out from the competition & the festive ad clutter, and make the campaign even more meaningful. 

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Dissecting the Spotify Campaign

Spotify launched in India in February 2019 and they went contextual. Painting the entire country (digitally as well as on-ground) in neon green, their launch campaign was extremely hyper-local as well as contextual. With ’There’s a playlist for that’ campaign, it not only established the vastness of its music library, it also tapped into emotions and moments in which one needs music.

Cultural nuances change every few kilometers in India. Hyper-localization helps capture those beautifully. It means that the same music can mean something different for a person living in South Delhi vs West Delhi. 

Key take-aways

  • Using localization helps strike the chord directly
  • Neon colours attract attention as well indicate the technology meant for a younger audience
  • Hyper-localisation & contextual advertising showcases the range of playlists already available