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Is Your Brand Engagement Strategic Enough?

A strategic instigation with PEPSICO’s brand 7up as a hypothetical example illustrating how integrated brand engagement needs to be far more strategic than it usually is now.

Brand positioning / purpose crafting and brand platform creation get a lot of strategic attention from marketers & brand partners alike, but engagement of the brand platform does not get as much strategic attention as it deserves.

In the old days, post a wonderful TVC being crafted and released, some POS was created and pushed into the market and some sponsorship deals were struck with properties relevant to the consumer segment, and a few AFP’s were executed.

But this is the consumer engagement driven digital age, where media is segmented into owned, earned, shared & paid. All your POS spots also fall under one of these media segments. A bespoke strategy each time defines this.

‘Play – buy – Share’ are the new mantras of the game and strategists have to roll-up their sleeves and craft the engagement strategy for the brand as well. The old way of looking at brand engagement, does not work any more. In fact, crafting strategic engagement for brand platforms also needs a purpose to be identified, a segmentation to be drawn and segment-specific insight led triggers to be identified to create a lasting ripple effect.

Most brand platforms are brought alive by digital agencies in a very channel specific manner, rather than behavior change and purpose driven manner. Are the sales & business realities being overlaid on this engagement path? What is the ROI via equity earned, awareness of brand platform achieved and how is it linked to consumption moments? A few questions that digital can answer, but we do not invest enough strategy in it, to find the right answers.

Most engagement efforts in the digital age seem to be focused on ‘hey, how can I create a great hurrah! on several channels and increase virality and make it trend.’ Yes this channel & medium specific thinking is very much needed and strategy should not become a constraint to leveraging the best that the medium has to offer.

But, what is all this achieving? And have we ‘strategically engaged’ or just engaged, is a key question that we must ask ourselves.

I thought I would not just write a piece on this and actually take a brand as an example and showcase the possibilities of crafting the right strategic engagement in the digital age for a brand. Due to client confidentiality I cannot share some of my live examples, hence…

I aim to demonstrate this on PEPSICO owned 7Up as a brand, and how to possibly create strategic digital consumer engagement for the brand platform of ‘Dance’ that they own.

*I do not and have not worked on this brand and hence pardon any miscues in knowledge. Please treat this as a demonstration of possibilities only.

Also several digital channels can be added and more comprehensive engagement can be thought through. This is just a sample instigation of the possibilities at hand.

Hope you enjoy the instigations and share your opinions on the same…


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Temple Strategy for Brands

As brand custodians we are obsessed with Brand Architecture, Brand Identity, Brand Personality & Brand Behavior. We focus a lot on the semiotics, communication, packaging etc.

But are we obsessed enough with the role of Temple Ingredients & Temple Products in the brand craft?

A few brands are!

Using examples of Dove, Nivea, Dettol, Loreal, Lancome, Bajaj Pulsar etc; this thought-piece aims to instigate implications for brand custodians on thinking their Temple strategy.   #wolfSIGHTS

Temple Ingredient & Temple Product are terms coined by @wolfzhowl to create a handle for driving home the importance of this strategic approach.

There are a few strategic instigations for brands like Parachute & Dettol, based on this approach as well.

Another thing brand custodians can possibly think of, is using digital media to socialize and drive home their temple ingredient & temple product advantages.

What perhaps could be a second thought piece on this is service brands and do they have a temple service that can anchor their brand in?

Note: Temple Strategy is a thought-piece crafted as one of the 5 instigative pieces for “The Howl”. #The Howl is a strategic instigations news letter by @wolfzhowl mailed to brand custodians every full moon.

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