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ABC Heinz uses Brand Purpose to facilitate culture change

ABC Heinz recently dropped a controversial commercial bringing to the fore the deep-seated issue of gender inequality in Indonesia. 

As a household cooking brand used by more than 50 percent of families in Indonesia, Kecap ABC (ABC soybean sauce) believes that it must play its part in helping close the gender gap in households which arguably is most apparent in the kitchen. 


The video starts with an ugly fight between a working couple over why the wife wasn’t home early enough to cook for the family. It also shows the couple’s son in the background witnessing the fight. The brand plays a role in bringing about harmony by showing how if boys are taught to cook from an early age today, they will make better husbands and fathers of tomorrow, by helping and supporting partners equally in the kitchen and in life. 

The idea for this video was a direct outcome of a 2-day workshop that was conducted by Wolfzhowl in Indonesia along with the core client team and their creative partners. According to the brand’s data, more than 60 percent of wives in Indonesia are working women, yet less than three out of 10 husbands share kitchen responsibilities at home. The core insight for the creative was that if more men could cook and support their working wives by helping out in the kitchen, it would lead to domestic harmony and bring about gender equality at home. This insight was further honed using Wolfzhowl’s proprietary behaviour change tool – The Hypnosis model, which revealed that real change at a culture level would only happen if today’s young boys were encouraged to close the gender gap by being taught how to cook from an early way. This would help raise a generation of boys who would make much more supportive husands and fathers of tomorrow. 

In order to facilitate this culture change, Kecap ABC has launched a new program called Kecap ABC Koki Muda Sejati (ABC Soybean Sauce’s Real Young Chefs). This program seeks to sustain the impact of Kecap ABC’s program to push for more gender equality in the kitchen by teaching young boys how to cook. 

Currently, Kecap ABC already organizes a program called Akademi Suami Sejati (The Real Husbands Academy), an online and offline initiative seeking to help more husbands share more domestic responsibility to support their wives and families.