Month: May 2019

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Beyond Insurance: MetLife has announced 360 Health insurance in Korea

MetLife Insurance is taking insurance one step further. According to a recent interview in Korea Times, Sanjeev Kumar, Sr. VP and CMO of MetLife Asia announced taking a holistic approach to insurance. The holistic solution is 360 Health, a new policy helping customers to prevent illnesses, and get access to treatment, ongoing care and financial support for them. MetLife has launched the policy and sub-brand in Korea and China. It is the only solution in Asia that provides end-to-end support across all life stages of a serious illness, according to the insurer.

Going beyond health insurance

MetLife Insurance launches 360 Health


MetLife has been able to understand the existing consumer tension that more and more people are now bothered about the quality of life rather than for how long they live. This is more prevalent in Asian countries. MetLife has also been able to understand that insurance companies need to go beyond just being policy providers and have to add value to the consumer’s life. A holistic approach is the only way ahead for everyone in the insurance market.

Do you agree with this? Let us know in the comments.

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Native Advertising is evolving and how!

Native advertising is set to be an $85 billion industry globally in 2021. This makes it an important part of your digital ad media plan. With rapidly changing consumption patterns, the format of native advertising is also constantly evolving. 

There are two ways in which people engage with content – passive and active engagement. 

  • Passive engagement – Think of scrolling through a bottomless feed with an algorithm serving user-generated content geared toward your interests. This content competes for attention, and while it can be great for random accidents of discovery, it can make it difficult for brands to make a lasting connection.
  • Active engagement – People visit destinations that feature professionally generated content they care about, to satisfy a daily need. Think of people checking email, looking at sports highlights, or seeking out stock advice.

With more and more brands stepping into the ecommerce space, native advertising has taken an interesting turn. We are seeing a new generation of native ad formats emerge that are built specifically for online shoppers. These ads bring the store shopping experience to the ad, while also being tailored to each user’s unique shopping history.

Playable Ads

Play a game within the ad itself

Lenskart uses AR to show you the perfect frame

Augmented Reality – Lenskart

Shoppable Ads

Catalog ads that allow you to see the entire product range

From shoppable catalogues to augmented reality showrooms of brands like Lenskart to interactive gaming previews, these new native commerce formats eliminate steps to conversion, allow for better product exploration, and leverage data to create personalized experiences that show an understanding of an individual’s past actions, product interest and intent. Every element works together to promote commerce as the primary goal of the campaign.

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Dissecting Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Mother’s Day Campaign

This month saw all emotional campaigns for Mother’s Day. Everyone talking about how a mother goes beyond her own needs and how we need to thank her. Sunfeast took a slightly different route. It spoke about those who play the maternal role when our own mothers are far away.

One can see the journey of a boy who goes to live in a hostel and how “amma” at a tea stall looks out for him during his college years. A neatly scripted video heightens the emotions and everyone who has lived away from home can relate to the story.

Sunfeast on mother's day

Sunfeast takes a different route this mother’s day


Key Take Away:

  • With more and more people living away from home, there’s a natural decline in the social capital. In the absence of ‘blood-related’ ties, there are many proxy relationships that come up and help us fill that void. This insight has simply but poignantly been leveraged in this ad.
  • Since most marketers naturally talk about celebrating the mother on mother’s day, it is difficult to break messaging clutter. Sunfeast, by taking a different cut of the same emotion, has successfully created a memorable and clutter-breaking film.
  • The role of product in the story has also not been ignored. Subtle product placements ensure that the story is the hero and the product plays a supporting yet important role
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OTT platforms facilitating the Democratization of Entertainment

Be it for rural audiences or urban; sports lovers or fantasy fiction; OTT platforms in India are out to ensure that there’s more than something for everyone! 

There already exist over 30 OTT platforms in the country. And now, with Jio launching its own app, rural audiences are further being brought into the fold. In fact, Zee5 has built a custom app for KaiOS powered Jio phones that caters only to the rural audience. Zee and Jio already have a deal in place which allows Jio to stream 37 channels of the Zee network absolutely free of cost to the Jio users. 

Hotstar set the global streaming record with 18.6 Mn concurrent users watching the IPL finals. While this number will be difficult to beat (unless India and Pakistan play the 2019 World Cup Finals), Hotstar amongst other OTT platforms will definitely see a rise. The GOT finale has also contributed to this trend.  

This also gives a chance to content creators to create immersive experiences for audiences. A series like Black Mirror on Netflix allowed viewers to choose the ending of the story. This not only gives the series an initial marketing push, it allows the viewers to form communities, have debates and discussions as to which story line is better. With most viewers watching the same show repeatedly to explore different story lines, repeat impressions are almost guaranteed. 

Hotstar celebrates after record breaking views on IPL

Hotstar’s celebratory post on LinkedIn after IPL

What does this mean for marketers?

A large part of marketers’ media budgets will be focused on digital OTT spends. Whether you engage in a  CPCV (cost per completed view) model or a CPM model, OTT has the ability to drive impact. The inventory is of course getting expensive (from a digital media standpoint) but the avenues of advertising are opening up. Even if a brand does not have a lot of media monies, they can consider a hardcore organic strategy by using a platform like Twitter. Which brand will do it in the Indian market? Only time will tell.